Mentoring Philosophy

Creating community to support our humanity

Earth System Science for the Anthropocene articulated a community vision where each person has the capacity to generate change - a single droplet rippling through disciplines, communities, universities, and the globe. I embrace this vision. My role is to support and create communities where students, postdocs, and collaborators develop their unique capabilities rooted in their interests, goals, identities, and knowledges. Empowered and supported individuals have tremendous capacity to impact our world.

A mentoring community is tailored to each individual - the community includes co-mentors with different disciplinary backgrounds, identities, careers, and diverse knowledges. We use a basket-weaving metaphor for this community and knowledge building in Earth System Science for the Anthropocene. Collectively we build individually-directed curriculum and mentoring plans.

I see my role as a connector. I connect students, postdocs, and collaborators to literature, to methods, to projects, to communities, and to people who serve as career guides. I encourage and support mentees to create a diverse mentor network. The students, postdocs, and colleagues that I have had the privilege to collaborate with and support as a mentor inspire me every day.