Current Graduate Students

Maria (Masha) Monakhova is pursuing a PhD program in Environmental Social Science with Arizona State University. For the past 3 years, she has been working on critical policy challenges around climate change in the Arctic region. She received her MA from Northern Iowa University. She is a member of our ARC-NAV team working on adaptation to sea ice change in the Beringia Region of USA and Russia. I have the privilege of serving as Masha's PhD chair.

Katherine (Katie) Wright is pursuing a PhD in Sustainability. She is fascinated by the effect property rights have on incentives, specifically when applied to resources. In the context of water rights, she would like to explore the effect of pricing systems and rights on incentives in individuals to conserve or adopt conservative practices. Katie has been a part of our SNOWPAC research team for the past two years - I serve as one of her committee members.

Graduate Student Alumni

Dr. Mahir Yazar graduated with a PhD in Environmental Social Science in 2021. He is a post-doctoral fellow at Bergen University in Norway. His work explores justice and climate adaptation in cities using mixed methods: ethnography, content analysis of interviews, and econometric analyses of survey data. He has conducted fieldwork in Istanbul and Phoenix. We have co-authored several pieces on urban climate change including in Urban Climate and Journal of Urban Affairs.

Dr. Abigail Sullivan graduated with a PhD in Environmental Social Science in 2016. She is an Assistant Professor in the Earth & Environment Department at Boston University. Her work integrates theory and methods from environmental governance, complexity science, and ecology to understand environmental governance under environmental change. She studies different aspects of governance to uncover how individuals of varying perspectives and priorities can unite to achieve progress in addressing climate change and related issues. She asks how collective action can be most effective in confronting environmental challenges and addressing harmful social norms. Abie and I have co-authored several papers together in the International Journal of the Commons, Forest Policy and Economics, Regional Environmental Change, and Environmental Research Letters.

Dr. Chukwunonso (Nonso) Chidebell-Emordi graduated with a PhD in Sustainable Energy in 2015. She worked with the Arizona Corporation Commission for five years and currently works at CG-Navitronics, Inc. Her dissertation work focused on energy poverty in Nigeria was published in Energy Research & Social Science.

Dr. Kevin Kane is a Program Manager, Demographics and Housing Policy at Southern California Association of Governments; he graduated with a PhD in Geography in 2015. He worked with my research group for two years and I served on his PhD committee. We co-authored several articles focused on land use policy, urbanization, and environmental injustice in Land Use Policy, Urban Geography, Journal of Urban Affairs, and State and Local Government Review.

Dr. Christa Brelsford graduated with a PhD in Sustainability in 2014. She is a Research Scientist in the Human Geography Group at the Oak Ridge National Lab. Her work develops a better empirical understanding of spatial patterns and evolution in cities and better theories about urban function in order to cope with our rapidly growing urban population. She uses empirical methods, especially spatial analysis and remote sensing, to link individual choices to aggregate outcomes in order to build better theories about the function of cities and urban water systems. I had the great pleasure of co-chairing her PhD committee with Josh Abbott.

Emma Laurens graduated with a MA in Environmental Social Science in 2020. She worked on our fracking project in Appalachia. Emma was an invaluable team member conducting fieldwork, institutional analysis of policy documents, and co-mentoring undergraduate interns. Emma is now working with Partner Engineering and Science.

Cameron Childs (left in photo) received her MA in Sustainability in 2013. I was the chair of her committee. She was lead author on a paper co-authored with ASU collaborators and Gitanjali S. Bodner from the Nature Conservancy focused on collaborative adaptive management published in Ecology & Society. Cameron is a Senior Manager of Sustainable Waste Program at Nike.

Ann Marie Raymondi (right in photo) received her MA in Sustainability in 2013. I was co-chair of Ann Marie's MA committee. She continued on to complete an MS in Ecology at Boise State University and now is an Ecologist with the Bureau of Land Management.

Jessica Welch, M.S.U.S. In Sustainability, 2015, (Chair). Jessica is a Senior Conservation Research Analyst in Conservation Finance at The Trust for Public Land.

Post-doctoral Fellows - Alumni

Dr. Milan Shretha is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Sustainability in the College of Global Futures at Arizona State University. He was a post-doc (co-mentored with Chris Boone) with the Central Arizona-Phoenix Long Term Ecological Research Site from 2009-2010. Our work focused on understanding urbanization and land fragmentation in the southwest with papers in Applied Geography, Urban Ecosystems, and The Professional Geographer.

Dr. Kristina Hopkins is a Research Physical Scientist, USGS, South Atlantic Water Science Center. She was a National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Postdoc that I co-mentored with Nancy Grimm. Her work focused green urban infrastructure - we co-authored a piece in Environmental Science & Policy.

Dr. Dexter Locke is a Research Social Scientist, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Baltimore Field Station. He was a National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Postdoc that I co-mentored with Morgan Grove. His work focses on environmental injustice and urban ecology. We co-authored an article focused on environmental knowledge, collective action, and watersheds in Landscape and Urban Planning.

Undergraduate Alumni

Morgan Kempf graduated from Arizona State University in 2021. She worked on the project for over two years conducting thematic analyses of policy change and narratives surrounding sea ice in Alaska. She is preparing for graduate school.

Aidan Hernandez graduated in 2021 with a BA in Global Health and minors in Public Service & Public Policy, Spanish. He is finishing up his 4+1 Masters in Global Management from Thunderbird at ASU. Aidan worked on my fracking project for three years. I had the great privilege of serving as his honors advisor - his thesis focused on how and whether zoning mediates fracking-related health risks in Pennsylvania.

Violet Konopka graduated with a BA in Conservation Biology and Ecology along with a minor in Political Science and a certificate in Energy and Sustainability in 2020. I served as her honors advisor. She is currently a Legal Assistant at Katmai Government Services.

Dr. Joe Tuccillo is currently a Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Lab. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2010 volunteering with my research group - I hired Joe to continue working with our group from 2011-13. We were focused on understanding environmental injustice and urban development in Phoenix from the early 20th century to today. He was a fantastic team member co-authoring papers in Urban Geography, Journal of Urban Affairs, and Landscape and Urban Planning, Joe went on to UC Boulder for a PhD in Geography.

Research Apprentices and Interns

Erin Brechbiel

Sandra Childers

Garret Citrin

Derek Duba

Hannah Griffths - Villanova University

Vanessa Guenecha

Elizabeth Hartley

Justin Helepololei

Matt Kipper - Minnesota State University

Angela Palma

Joy Ren

Jordan Rydman

Maygen Sherwood

Alexander Seng

Rebekah Thimlar